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Negatives (corruption, evil eye, curse, abnormal events)

We are absolutely serious about the real danger. Approximately one in five bears traces of abnormal phenomena of the psyche.

I invite you, friends, to a serious conversation.

Do you remember the popular comedy film, after which a rare feast in a cheerful company went without jokes about "is there life on Mars?" And the question, of course, was rhetorical, and the answer was the most humorous.

But now only a few decades have passed, and scientists with all scientific calculations are preparing an expedition to Mars and making predictions about life there. So, everything has its time…


I am convinced that all of us today, and first of all professionals in medicine, psychology, clinical psychiatry, should finally understand and competently, adequately to modernity, imagine the presence and extent of the negative impact on our psyche, on our physical world of the foreign energy-informational principle manifested in it.

This is all that has long been called inferno, which the church calls demonic, demonic. But, probably, it is the religious definition that loses. Everything said acquires the features of something far-fetched.

Let's not be idealists. Just take a look around…

How often do we encounter unmotivated aggression? With conflict, followed by complete depression, loss of self-belief and unwillingness to live? Or when a familiar or close person in a short period of time changes beyond recognition, to the complete opposite of himself, even begins to inspire fear? Or when there is no reason, but the depression is endless…

Or we listen to the news.

Here is a person directing a plane with passengers on board uphill or his speeding car into a crowd or to a stop. Here a child takes up a knife, and a student or a civil servant, the father of the family shoots at others or pre-selected victims. These examples of everyday, but the cruelest crimes are especially shocking because we are talking about some kind of pathological cold-bloodedness of the criminal, his calculation, preliminary intent. And this behavior is observed en masse! What is it! Inexplicably, not only the person is changing, but also the state, the whole region of the world, which has recently been so prosperous! And UN experts cannot even work out a legal definition of the phenomenon of terrorism — it simply does not lend itself to reasonable comprehension. Young people from peaceful, prosperous families, in fact, consciously crave blood, run to murderers who commit atrocities.

The point here is as follows: all these phenomena of the same order are abnormal phenomena of the psyche.


Friends! Man strives to get to Mars, but does he know the Earth? Since the time of the dinosaurs, the energy—informational field of our planet, its subtle plan, absorbed millions of dead and killed, accumulated aggression of various disembodied beings, literally pushed out their "burning with rage" etheric bodies — so they needed constant feeding with the psychic energy of the living - what is hell!

In all myths and religions, the "dark forces" were bought off by the best of mortals, and for the sake of a single love, like Orpheus, or universal love, like the Son of God, the initiates "descended into hell" so that enslaved souls would find salvation. Nothing has changed in millennia. Still, as the Weiner brothers say, "It's not the Minotaur's fault that he's a monster, he just wants to eat!"

The need for a person's discarded psi-energy, his fears, his revenge, despair, is akin to proximity to a generator, and such a need is, in fact, parasitic. It carries a provocative, depressing, destructive message. It is growing due to everyday suffering all over the world. Now let's multiply all this by the possibilities of social networks. What is not the plot of fantastic "horror movies"!

Having helped people for many years to get rid of the real negative aggression of abnormal entities that destroys both the brain and the body, I am not inclined to fantasize or simplify what is happening.

Perfectly reasonable and merciless, who have subtly studied the psychology of enslavement, they come to our world and settle in it — in physical bodies, rooms, objects. Cynically calling our bodies "apartments", these tenants soon subdue a person's mind, his will, destroy his psyche. As a "place of residence", now they take care of him in their own way, choosing the appropriate environment from those whom he suppresses, or rather "devours" - a weak child, a broken man or a woman who feels sorry for the "unfortunate". This leads to the most dramatic consequences. Health problems, mental problems, addictions begin inevitably — before a person breaks up with loved ones, destroys a family, falls out of society, or after. Everything has its time…

A reasonable question — for what and why?

We are people in whose hearts a particle of the Creator's plan is able to blossom with the possibility of consonance with the dignity of the heights of the Divine Spirit, "in the image and likeness" deciding the fate of the Universe by the fate of each neighbor to you…



I hope that you will have time to realize. Good luck to you! 

Negatives (corruption, evil eye, curse, abnormal events)

Man does not end with the physical body, the human energy field could be disrupted corruption, evil eye, curses, anomalous phenomena