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Gich Kirill Sergeevich - more than 30 years in the field of Healing. Developer of energy information technology devices.


Hello, dear friends! 

During a relatively short time of my life, I was lucky enough to gain considerable experience in the field of healing and the creation of energy-informational technologies that are somewhat ahead of the science of today - and I am happy to share all this with you.

A person, each of us, is not only a biological organism, but also a unique energy-informational system that lives according to the laws of the Cosmos as its integral part and as a particle of a single natural whole, planet Earth. Possessing not only a physical body and character familiar from birth, but also the structure of subtle fields, a complexly organized psyche, the ability to realize his plans, his dream, a person, the only one in the Universe, is endowed with the qualities of a Co-creator, the qualities of Co-knowledge with a Higher beginning - the Divine potential. Whether He knows it or not, He stands at the foot of the hierarchy of Higher entities, staying with us in the form of Light.

Endowed with the freedom of personal will, each of us has the right to choose his life path, his earthly destiny, and ultimately, the cosmic path of evolution of his Divine essence, to develop the qualities of the spirit laid down by the Creator or leave them undisturbed until the next chance to be Human, to do good or to do evil.

Often too late, in the face of death, sudden illness, loss of loved ones, we begin to understand how important it was to take care of health, to have purity of thoughts, to have a strong will, sanity and freedom of thought, a stable, balanced psyche, a reserve of vital forces capable of changing fate, to find an answer to the question of the meaning of life.

I would very much like you to come to an understanding of the most important issues for yourself in a timely manner and achieve the most important goals.

My goal is to help you get rid of physical ailments, to find peace of mind, to give you a reserve of vital energy, to help you discover the potential of the creator in yourself, to develop the qualities of Co-knowledge, Co-feelings and Co-communion that are originally inherent in a person.

My sincere desire is to protect the desperate, to lend a helping hand to the seeker, to support those on the path of spiritual search.

Good luck to you!





Energy cards

The natural energy field of fine structures, which are improving all the vital signs to normal, inherent in every individual biosystem

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All entries are the energy-information basis. Actively contribute to the restoration of immunity, eliminate the negatives, the development of CO-knowledge and awakening of the soul

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Meeting of the simplest and most active of the recipes of traditional medicine, can help restore physical ailments and bring your body in order

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