Light to all — absolute health

What are the symptoms, how to define, recognize the evil eye

It's simple! For many years, people bring signs of damage, curses, witchcraft.



First of all -one of indications are constant headaches

The feeling is that the head like a cauldron of molten lead. Any movement painfully reverberates around the body. The feeling that you put a black bag with holes for the eyes. No one thought or desires just lie down and look at a single point. Complete indifference to world affairs, concerns. "Let all the fall, I do not care", but do not touch me. Inhibits the light, I want to twilight, the silence, because in the head therei s boiler  and someone methodically knocks on it by sledgehammer.

The voices in my head

First, chaotic, then clearly - intrusive both day and night - will not escape. Whispers - you start to listen and then do whatever you say. Contrary to logic, the feelings and the hatred is born, the desire to turn upside down everything - thoughts, business, relationships with people. You see the world only from the bad side - uou become suspicious.

There were fears

Gradually strongly increasing - the fear of being late, uncertainty in business, in conversations with people around the world just to become hostile


Irritation at the slightest pretext and without

I would like to tell all that had accumulated over the years, you have to shout to all of them, and cry, cry ...

Setting - friends are disappears

There are others, but are attracted to the same muck - wit negative impact. And they thought disgusting and vile desires - and all like me (and is beginning to like). The companies are bad with such people.


Things just fell apart

Family, Ohh! (blown away) Work - no any desire to do smth. Friends old - a long time not to hear, "Well, let me, too, my friends! Yes, no need all of you! Damn it all"

There is no appetite

It does not matter that in a plate, anyhow tto put the food to mouth , almost violently. And cheer up, beginning with the beer, then two beers, and then dilute with the vodka. Stupidly to watch TV and drink.

The problems with health

Slowly, but all the time something hurts. And gradually comes to operations and serious disability.

Now connect all together - this is the consequence of corruption - the evil eye. Yes, I almost forgot - add to it handfuls of pills and soothing and visits to a psychiatrist ...