Light to all — absolute health

How to remove the damage - the evil eye. Get rid of, protect

People having negatives (damage, the evil eye, curse the universe), need help, whose help it would be - Sens's (Healer), or a priest - it is their choice based on the beliefs and the real possibilities, but the help is necessary. Otherwise, you risk not only your mental and physical health, but also the health of your loved ones.



Be clean as pigeons

The mind matters accomplishments, actions. Pray God. And reward to you according to your faith!

Spend a day a week in the woods

Touch the pine twenty minutes, walk, wait birch, oak and leaving get lean. Pine remove negativity promoet birch, oak will give strength.

Attend a weekly church build in the service

At close to the dome (the highest place)


Deep breath smooth nose and exhale once smooth tube mouth. Three - five minutes of such breathing. Type in the hour of the day breathing.

Wear clothes with elements of red colour

Scarf brooch, ribbon, flower in hair, scarf ...

Simple red thread

Three by three - weave the braid, hang on a child's wrist to the left hand, one month following burn and gossip.

The evil eye for the child

Dial hands (collected in a cup of water flow and sharply splash in the face of a child - and so three times. Then spend a wet hand on the head, shoulders, chest, back, legs each time shaking hands and again dipped under water. Wipe face undershirt shirt - her nightgown,and read three times "Our Father", this method is good for adults.


They take  any kind of negative (low and medium load)

Refer to the specialists of alternative medicine

To those who specialize in work with negative things. Seek and you 'll find!