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What is a panic attack. Symptoms, causes, treatment

Panic attacks - as a result of the negative effects (damage, the evil eye, hex, curse), and the consequences are identical: gradually increasing strongly - the fear of being late, uncertainty in business, in conversations with people around the world just to become hostile. Up to the point of absurdity.



I read the sites with the names of "fear, panic attacks" list diagnosable symptoms, do not see the point. All we read, and I understand you too. And I have people bring every day. And of tachycardia, feeling of loneliness, feeling of hopelessness of death, phobias ... I will say the main thing - because of lack of knowledge of communication power of the psyche and physiology doctors created a lack of information in diagnosing problems and as a result the overall treatment is compromised. All of doing something one (in the first cabinet treated right hand, second left) Laughter and only! And I'm not funny! Too great suffering, which even the diagnosis is a question mark and put on the "drugs".


What is a panic attack?

Sweating / sweating tremor and / or tremors Wheezing Feeling / choking sensation Chest pain Rapid heartbeat Nausea or abdominal pain Dizziness or a feeling of weakness Fear of losing control Fear of dying Numbness / tingling Derealization depersonalization

CAUSES panic attacks - corruption, evil eye

The investigation of negative impact, which is the energy-information influence one person to another. Techniques are diverse - from a simple hatred of others to the specific techniques of black magic. Think nonsense, old wives\' tales ?? Then close the site and keep on taking pills in handfuls and go to a psychiatrist ...

Причины панических атак - порча сглаз