Light to all — absolute health

What is the Corruption — Hex

What is the Corruption - the evil eye. In fact, it's different impacts, although the effects are identical. So - what Corruption? Hex? Let me tell Gich Kirill Sergeyevich simple examples from my healing practice, and after another way of saying


Common types

A common form of Corruption - ENVY

We knew the child was born. They invited relatives, and when the fun was over, the mother of the child had no milk. She had headaches, tears, nerves, temper tantrums. And this is not a complete list . And at the ceremony was one of relatives who did not have children! We went through all the pictures of this holiday and find her - conditionally "Galya" checkmark, so she had powerful force - dark effects on humans. And here such envy and resentment. Shortly saying - why to you everything, and I have nothing! And so curses flewto young mother from such relative. To wait no need long time for the result of such damage.


The guy brought his young wife to the house in a year daughter started to have problems with health, mental. The marriage ended in divorce. The slow, horrible, painful struggle for the life of the girl ended tragically. Mamachka so jealous beloved son to the daughter, that she decided to go to the swamp and nourishing soup cooked on spells death. Corruption was a success.

На свадьбе

More about the evil eye - spoilage. "AT THE WEDDING"

Long ago, we were invited to the wedding, mages and mage, healer. He closed the invisible veil newlyweds, from any negative impact. Envy, curse, damage, evil eye, witchcraft. And now through one - divorces occur a year after the wedding. And there is no understanding of what is happening. And it is those impacts - voluntary or involuntary, deliberate destruction of the idea of dark beginning.

Hex - Corruption. "CHILD's"

Let's continue! Hex - focused on the impact of a powerful energy without sending a negative start. A simple story - two friends had meeting,they long time didn't see each other. - Oh, what's your wonderful baby, and how he had turned, and some fun, and my mother's eyes, oh how lovely ... And the child since then - shouting at night, began to hurt. Familiar? This is also corruption, but called - Hex. The people there is a saying - "well, just like the evil eye" - a veiled envy, not special. 

Детский сглаз


The boy met the girl. Everything seems fine. And then there was a rival.
And the guy left her. After a half year marriage broke up, the guy hooked on alcohol and rolled. So this is the first girl in the hearts, the methods of black magic put a spell on the guy. So do not get are you to anyone!


On the sidewalk was a girl of marriageable age they say, beautiful figure, tripping, braid to her waist. Feast for the eyes - youth and beauty. From a group of gypsy women came up to her not a young woman already in colorful skirts. I stood on the opposite, across the street, and I heard a conversation in fits and starts. The essence of the conversation so - ah darling  give a handle to tell fortunes - all the truth to say you will not regret ... She walked past, did not even look in the direction of the gypsy and when they separated five meters, a gypsy in the back, making hand "passes" and moving his lips It sent a powerful energy black clot. (You, the reader will have guessed about the consequences of such damage) Behind girl I created a phantom of the huge antique mirrors - all impact was in it and reflected beam reinforced repeatedly flew to gypsy. The woman gasped, clutched his chest and fell. The show ended - something that she sentshe received!



Врачи разводят руками

When the consequences of damage or the evil eye, experts of classical medicine shrug

I would say the main thing - because of lack of knowledge of communication power of the psyche and physiology doctors created a lack of information in diagnosing problems and as a result the overall treatment is compromised.

Therefore, people with light (corruption, evil eye) and complex (the universe) negatives need help, whose help it would be - Sens or priest - to solve each based on the beliefs and the real possibilities, but help is needed. Otherwise, a person runs the risk not only their mental and physical health, but also the health of their loved ones.